June 27, 2016

Over 24,000 School Dropouts in Eastern Province Resume Studies

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First Lady gives de-worming tablet to a student in Nyagatare district at the African child’s day anniversary

More than 24,092children that had dropped out of school in Rwanda’s eastern province have been located and taken back to resume studies in the second term. The campaign coincides with celebration of the African child’s day that also aims at raising awareness of the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children. […]

How drug abuse contribute to child abuse 

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How drug abuse contribute to child abuse

As the Police Week 2016 entered the fourth day on Tuesday, Rwanda National Police (RNP) says abuse of drugs is one of the contributors of child abuse, which calls for stringent measures. Police statistics indicate that between December 2015 and April 2016, about 1000kg of cannabis were seized and 604 people arrested in connection with either […]

Kagame Warns No Rwandan Child Should Be On Streets

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President Kagame working on the road drainage in Kayonza district during Community Service-Umuganda

Every Rwandan child should go to school for the country to prosper, otherwise there will be consequences. And President Paul Kagame reiterated that every child, whether has parents or not, should be in school as a matter of priority. Rwanda’s education sector represents 31.2% of the country’s 11 million population-with human resource acting as a […]

Police takes anti-crime drive to Ruhango 

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Police takes anti-crime drive to Ruhango

​In a bid to ensure a safe generation free from crimes and misconduct, police urged students of GS Ruhango Catholique in Ruhango District, to refrain from any practices that may lead them to committing crimes. The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer, Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru, on April 27 during […]

Working mothers to breastfeed while on Duty

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A care giver serves a child food file photo

Three Rwandan ladies have come up with an on-site day care program where mothers would stay with their babies at workplace through employer sponsored care. Their justification is that, women are more present in Rwandan workforce and childcare needs have to be taken into consideration, to decrease anxiety for some parents, improving their ability to […]

RDF builds 47 classrooms worth Rwf 602 million

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RDF builds 47 classrooms worth Rwf 602 million

In an effort to support the development of the country, Rwanda Defense Forces-RDF in partnership with Gasabo district constructed 57 schools in the district that are estimated at a cost of over Rwf 602 million. The classrooms are looked at by government as a step towards achieving quality education enshrined in its vision 2020 through […]

Bishimira ko imitsindire y’abanyeshuri yiyongereye    

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Ikigereranyo cya 2014 na 2015

Mu Karere ka Huye bishimira ko imitsindire y’abanyeshiri barangiza ibyiciro by’amasomo yabo mu mashuri yisumbuye yiyongereye. Nk’uko bivugwa n’ushinzwe uburezi muri aka karere, Jean Baptiste Irahoza, amanota y’ibizamini bya Leta muri 2015 agaragaza ko abanyeshuri batsinze cyane ugereranyije no muri 2014. Nko mu cyiciro cya mbere cy’amashuri yisumbuye hatsinze 92%, kandi muri 2014 hari hatsinze […]

Rusizi: Icumbi ry’abarimu rimaze imyaka itatu ryaradindiye

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  Abarimu bo mu murenge wa Giheke mu karere ka Rusizi babangamiwe n’icumbi bubakiwe ryadindiye bigatuma n’imikorere yabo itagenda neza. Aba barezi bavuga ko batagerera igihe ku kazi kuko bakora urugendo rurerure n’amaguru byagera mu ibihe by’imvura bikaba ibindi kuko batuye mugace k’ibyondo izo nzitizi zose ngo zituma ireme ry’uburezi naryo rihadindirira . Muhimpundu Marceline […]

Ngororero: Kutagira mudasobwa ngo bidindiza abiga muri 9 YBE

Posted on February 27, 2016 by in ICT, Kinyarwanda

Aha ni mu kigo gifite mudasobwa 3 zigirwaho n’abanyeshuli barenga 1000

Abanyeshuli biga mu burezi bw’ibanze bw’imyaka 9 baravuga ko barangiza nta bumenyi bafite kuri mudasobwa kubera ko amashuli yabo atazifite. Aba banyeshuli bavuga ko biga mudasobwa mu magambo gusa (theories) ariko ntibabashe gushyira mu ngiro (pratiques) ibyo bize. Ibi ngo bituma barangiza icyo kiciro nta kintu bazi kuri mudasobwa bagasanga ari ugusigara inyuma. Yamfashije Dorothee, […]

Nyanza improving youth academic performance through sports

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The youth say friendships created on playgrounds are hard to break The youth say friendships created on playgrounds are hard to break

Youth in Nyanza district are now beginning to recognize the importance of mental attributes such as confidence, composure, focus, and motivation in the performance of athletes. The possession of these qualities is required for the “mental toughness” Youth in Busasamana sector of Nyanza district commends sports saying its key for the body in addition to […]