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Burera curbing teen pregnancies

Posted on February 23, 2014 by in English, Imyitwarire

The fight against pregnancies among school children and other teens in Burera district is set out to eradicate the worrying issue of most school dropouts amid unplanned pregnancies.

Though the district has not provided reliable statistics on the number of pregnant teenagers all over the district, so far three young girls are pregnant, two months after setting into the New academic Year 2014.

m_Burera curbing teen pregnancies

Samuel Sembagare the mayor of Burera district

This issue was pressing in the district as many young girls got pregnant in the year 2013 with 8 of them being impregnated by their teachers. These teachers were convicted and are serving their sentence worth destroying their students’ lives though one of the teachers managed to escape and went to Uganda.

The mayor of Burera district Samuel Sembagare says the district is ready to fight the crime of people who destroy the lives of young teenagers and make them into mothers without hope for their future.

“This is a bad habit we want to destroy completely” says the mayor.

The mayor says strategies to eradicate this poor habit of impregnating teens include taking a compulsory pregnancy test to all young girls coming from holidays so as to know if the girl became pregnant at home or at school.

“We encourage parents meeting in schools, teachers and school administration so as to protect students from being involved in sexual relations and thus preventing unplanned for pregnacies ” explains the mayor.

According to Théophile Bakuramutsa the head teacher of Nyamuicucu Secondary School in Butaro sector says it is not easy to prevent sexual relationships among children but they are doing everything possible to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

“So far we have managed to reduce the number of pregnant teenagers especially through sensitization on safe sexual relationships and providing them with information about Reproductive health.”

The other strategies to curb the pregnancies in teenagers include employing the matrons to guide young girls by having debates at least once a week and guiding them into mature adults.

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