April 24, 2014

Nyabihu: Community Policing Program determined to enforce changes

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The Nyabihu District Community Policing Program has greatly participated in preventing crimes and school dropouts in the last year 2013, District officials remarked on Wednesday 01st January 2014.

APEREL School was given an award for the most effective Anti-Drugs and Crimes Club

APEREL School was given an award for the most effective Anti-Drugs and Crimes Club

Community Policing Program is responsible for school dropouts that diverted from being bad influence to others in the community.

The youth who were changed due to this program have testified before their fellow students and the school administrations and said they have abandoned the habit.

In the course of the year 2013, Community Policing Program initiated Anti-Drugs and Crimes Clubs in schools. The clubs have worked with Community Policing Program to see 88 students change from crime involvement and drug abuse to going back to school.

 In October 2013 at Rambura Girls’ School, many young men and women vowed never to be involved in sexual activities, never to abuse drugs or be involved in petty crimes anymore.

According to David Nkera the education officer in Nyabihu district, Community Policing program with the partnership of Anti-Drugs and Crimes Clubs have brought effective change in illegal activities and crimes in schools and ensured good behavior in the course of the year.

The Program is responsible of fighting crime and illegal activities, encouraging local people to maintain their security.

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