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Ruhango: Teenagers discuss adolescence with parents

Posted on March 17, 2013 by in English, Imyitwarire

Ruhango: Teenagers discuss adolescence with parents

After attending teenagers training by Hope foundation, adolescents (aged between 10 and 14 years) no longer fear to discuss these issues with their parents like before.

Students from Bukomero secondary school and other surrounding schools in Byimana sector in Ruhango district, who participated in the talks, say they have feared to inform their parents about their bodily changes before.During these talks, adolescents understood the importance of sharing with their parents on reproduction issues since they face problems trying to hide from them.

Ruhango: Teenagers discuss adolescence with parents

A mother discuss adolescence changes with her two daughters in a drama

Jeannette Uwimbabazi, aged 14 and a senior two student asserts: “Before, fellow students could tell you that pimples are cured by having sexual intercourse but now we know the truth of how they disappear on their own.”

On March 13th 2013 during the closing ceremony, Violate Dusabimana, head of Hope Foundation revealed that some parents have negative attitude whereby they can scare away the child when he or she asks them about adolescence stage.

Dusabimana adds that after training the adolescents, they are planning on talking to the parents on the importance of discussing such issues with their children before they make mistakes like getting unwanted pregnancies.

Marie Claudette Nirere, a mother of a student who participated in the training says that its high time parents woke up to caring for their children and make them their friends.


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