May 30, 2016

Rwanda : Huye pupils want possession of OLPC laptops

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Rwanda |Huye pupils wantPupils in Kotana schools, located in Rusatira sector  in Huye district have said that there has been a major setback in learning how to use the machines since they are not given ample time to familiarize with the laptops

The pupils say that they are given a short time to use the machines while at school and demanded to be in possession of the laptops so that they cannot spend more time familiarizing with the functions of the one laptop per child machines, which were donated to their school.

The pupils made the revelation to a team of Members of Parliament on the Parliamentary committee on Education, Culture and Sports that Information and Technology, who were visiting the school this September 21, to access the progress of e-learning programs and the use of OLPC machines in the promotion of Information Technology (IT) in the rural schools.

We need to have more time with these machines, if we are to get used to using the computers. It would even be better if we would be able to go home with the laptops so as to practice” one pupil said.

The MP’s apparently affirmed the allegations when they tested the pupils on their computer skills. It was evident that most of the children were using trial and error methods and unconfident in using the laptops.

The school authorities also stated that most of the machines are defunct, whenever there is a major failure on the single server which is located in Kigali and yet it does feed all the OLPC laptops with the operation systems.

This kind of circumstances, the school officials, say that results to pupils spending many weeks without clicking on the machines and as a result they register less progress in  learning  how to use the laptops.




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