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Ingabire recognized for contributing towards School renovation

Posted on January 27, 2012 by in English, Ibikorwa

Muhanga district officials together with local residents ofNgoma cell inKabacuzi sector, Southern Province of Rwanda, on January 20 2012 recognised Alice Ingabire for her contribution in the renovation exercise of Ngoma Primary School.


Muhanga district Vice Mayor in charge of social welfare Fortune Mukagatana observed saying that every Rwandan should be proud of his/her country by contributing towards its development.

The Head Teacher of Ngoma Primary School Therese Mujawamariya explained that the school was poorly built and had limited sitting places, adding that pupilswere seating on logs placed on the ground during lessons.

Classroom blocks had started fading out and developing cracks, hence risking the safety of children’s lives.This prompted the school administration to search for support in order to rehabilitate the school and fortunately came across Alice Ingabire.

Ingabire who is pursuing her studies in the USA, studied her Primary education at Ngoma Primary school.

Ingabiresaid that even though she is outside Rwanda, she cannot forget her mother country or forget that there are children studying in poorly built schools when she can at least offer some help.

She said; “Even though am living a good life in U S A, I cannot forget about the people I left behind by helping them get out of poverty”.

Ingabire contributed eight million Rwandan francs towards the rehabilitation ofNgoma primary school.

The amount was injected in the construction of four classrooms and buying of scholastic materials including pens, books and bags which will benefit about 600 children. 



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