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Schools to form leadership clubs

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Schools to form leadership clubs

Damien Ngabonziza during the launch of the leadership clubs in schools

The National Commission for Children (NCC) in partnership with different institutions is encouraging formation and strengthening of the capacity of leadership clubs in schools as a way of promoting good governance skills among children in schools.

According to Damien Ngabonziza, the Chair of NCC Board of Commissioners, the government is committed to ensure freedom of through the National Commission for Children.

“We are encouraging strengthening of children leadership clubs in schools in order to develop in them a spirit of leadership and patriotism,” says Ngabonziza.

He added that the clubs will be instrumental in providing children an opportunity to give their views on different issues affecting their lives and also develops their confidence in knowing what to present and when it is most appropriate.

Clubs in schools help in grooming good governance skills in children when they are still at school. This is why schools are called upon to support these clubs in making them functional and yield tangible results.

The clubs were recently launched in Nyanza district in an event was part of the various activities, which were organized during the week that was dedicated to the Day of the African Child, International Day of Families and the International Day of Fighting against Child Labor.

The day of African child is celebrated in the commemoration of South African Children who lost their lives Soweto in 1976 while protesting for their rights. Ngabonziza on that day said: “Rwandan children will never fight for their rights and freedom because they are already provide.”

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