October 22, 2014

Rwanda hopes to have all children in school by 2015

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Rwanda hopes to have all children in school by 2015

Rwanda Education Board (REB) says all children iRwandada will be able to join school by the year 2015. The board also says that the percentage of pupils attending primary school exams is now at 96.7%. This target will enable the country to meet its goal of education for all but also possess a question on […]

Rwanda turns to solar power to expand computer deployment in schools

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With the support of the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Literacy, the Rwandan government is turning to solar power to overcome a lack of electricity that has hampered an initiative to roll out computers in schools across the country. A teacher facilitating audio lessons Government schools across the country have received 1500 solar […]

Nyabihu: Parents applaud 12 year basic education

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Parents in Mukamira sector of Nyabihu district say they wouldn’t able to send their children to school if the 12 Year Basic Education was not initiated in the country. Beatrice Ugirumurera, a mother of two says that she had no money to be able to pay school fees for her children. “If it was not […]

Education key to post Millennium Development Goals

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Education is vital in pushing development ahead of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that are set to end by 2015, according to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-UNESCO recent paper. The paper notes that that education is critical to escape chronic poverty prevent the transmission of poverty between generations as well as improve health and […]

GS Ndera, Kicukiro primary win schools tournament 

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m_GS Ndera, Kicukiro primary win schools tournament

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, GS Ndera and Kicukiro primary school were the big winners at yesterday’s mini cricket tournament. A total of 22 games were played by the 10 teams in 3 groups’ namely junior, senior boys and Senior Girls GS Kicukiro primary school emerged winners in  the junior category by two points ahead […]

Ngororero: Nursery education becomes mandatory

Posted on August 10, 2014 by in Amasomo, English

Ngororero district has made nursery education prerequisite to join primary school following the increase of nursery schools from 86 in 2013 to 96 schools in 2014. Out of 99 primary schools in Ngororero district, 96 of them have nursery sections. Clothilde Nyiraneza; vice mayor for social affairs in Ngororero district says that nursery schools are […]

Kamonyi: Korean NGO boosts 12YBE classrooms construction

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Construction activities are near completion

Good neighbours a Korean NGO that supports the community to improve conditions of living donated Rwf129 million for the construction of 12 Year Basic Education classrooms at Kagina primary school in Runda sector of Kamonyi district. The move is aimed at transforming the school from 9 year basic education to 12 year basic education making […]

Mwezi School Champions Special Needs Education

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Mwezi School Champions Special Needs Education

 St. Gregoire School Mwezi in Nyamasheke district has come out as the best example of schools that have integrated Special Needs Education for children with disabilities into their curriculum. Other schools in the district are now making trips to this school to try and understand how they do it. According to Andre Nsabimana the director […]

Kamonyi: Teachers urged to encourage computer use

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Kamonyi Teachers urged to encourage computer use

Teachers at Ruyenzi primary school have been urged to make use of laptops given under “one laptop per child” programme because they are essential in the children’s academic performance. All lessons are programmed in the laptops but some teachers do not follow them while teaching the students.  This was said on June 4th 2014 when […]

Parents urged to cultivate reading culture in their children

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Parents urged to cultivate reading culture in their children

Parents have been called on to encourage children adopt reading culture because they are the future leaders of the nation. This was said during the event to conclude reading, writing and speaking competition that was held in Nyagatare district on June 6th 2014. The competition was organised by Imbuto Foundation where seven schools participated. “Parents […]