June 30, 2016

Students in Musanze, Rutsiro create anti-crime clubs to enhance public safety

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Students in Musanze, Rutsiro create anti-crime clubs to enhance public safety

Four anti crimes clubs have been created in schools in Musanze and Rutsiro districts that would serve as forums for them to deliberate on how best they can contribute to public safety under the auspice of community policing. Two clubs for anti-gender based violence and drug abuse each, were formed in GS Rugali in Musanze […]

Over 24,000 School Dropouts in Eastern Province Resume Studies

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First Lady gives de-worming tablet to a student in Nyagatare district at the African child’s day anniversary

More than 24,092children that had dropped out of school in Rwanda’s eastern province have been located and taken back to resume studies in the second term. The campaign coincides with celebration of the African child’s day that also aims at raising awareness of the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children. […]

How drug abuse contribute to child abuse 

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How drug abuse contribute to child abuse

As the Police Week 2016 entered the fourth day on Tuesday, Rwanda National Police (RNP) says abuse of drugs is one of the contributors of child abuse, which calls for stringent measures. Police statistics indicate that between December 2015 and April 2016, about 1000kg of cannabis were seized and 604 people arrested in connection with either […]

American Funds Construction Of 100 Schools In Rwanda

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Hamburg Society for Promotion of Democracy and International Law will fund construction of 100 schools of excellence across Rwanda. The new schools are part of ‘Schools for Africa’ initiative co-founded by Peter Kramer-an American philanthropist and founder of Hamburg shipping company Marine Service in partnership with Nelson Mandela Foundation. Peter Kramer told KT Press he would love […]

Police takes anti-drugs abuse campaign to CIESK School

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​The ongoing Rwanda National Police (RNP) awareness campaign against abuse of drugs was taken to CIESK secondary school located in Nyamirambo, Nyarugenge District where students and the school administration vowed to fight the vice. The campaign was conducted by the RNP directorate of anti-narcotics under the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). With drug abuse still being […]

Kagame Warns No Rwandan Child Should Be On Streets

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President Kagame working on the road drainage in Kayonza district during Community Service-Umuganda

Every Rwandan child should go to school for the country to prosper, otherwise there will be consequences. And President Paul Kagame reiterated that every child, whether has parents or not, should be in school as a matter of priority. Rwanda’s education sector represents 31.2% of the country’s 11 million population-with human resource acting as a […]

Police takes anti-crime drive to Ruhango 

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Police takes anti-crime drive to Ruhango

​In a bid to ensure a safe generation free from crimes and misconduct, police urged students of GS Ruhango Catholique in Ruhango District, to refrain from any practices that may lead them to committing crimes. The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer, Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru, on April 27 during […]

Girls Cannot Carry Burden Of Teenage Pregnancy Alone – Says First Lady

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Men hold significant responsibility when teenage pregnancies occur, but the girls suffer alone – that has to change, the First Lady Jeannette Kagame said on Sunday. “I think the boys should account for their actions too, it doesn’t have to be the girls suffering alone,” Mrs Kagame said at an event in Ngororero district, Western […]

Ababyeyi bamwe baracyabangamira abana bafite ubumuga kujya kwiga

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Abashinzwe uburezi mu Turere twa Rusizi na Nyamasheke bavuga ko imyumvire y’ababyeyi bamwe ikiri imbogamizi mu kugana ishuri ku bana bafite ubumuga. Ibi babivuga bahereye ku kuba hari abana benshi batagana amashuri abandi bakajyanywa mubigo by’ihariye kurererwayo, bitewe n’uko ya abmwe ikiri hasi aho baba bumva ko abana nk’abo batashobora ishuri kimwe n’abandi. Kwibuka Jean […]

Ngororero: Bahagurukiye ikibazo cy’abana bata ishuli

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Ngororero: Bahagurukiye ikibazo cy’abana bata ishuli

Umuyobozi w’Akarere ka Ngororero Ndayambaje Godefrey hamwe n’inzego z’umutekano bavuga ko bahagurukiye guca ingeso mbi y’ababyeyi batuma abana babo bata ishuli. Kuva kuwa 26 Gashyantare 2016, Ndayambaje agitorerwa kuyobora Akarere ka Ngororero, yahise atangira icyo yise urugamba rwo guca impamvu zituma abana bata ishuli, afatanyije n’inzego z’umutekano. Agira ati « Nanjye nabaye umurezi igihe kirekire. Nzi […]