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Teachers to get motivated as education gets into focus

Posted on March 15, 2014 by in English, Umwarimu

State Minister Mathias Harebamungu (right) hands a laptop to one of the 30 teachers

State Minister Mathias Harebamungu (right) hands a laptop to one of the 30 teachers

The government of Rwanda has set its target on improving the education system as well as motivating teachers.

During the recently concluded leaders retreat at Gabiro, improving and developing the education sector was one of the key issues that were highlighted by the participants in a meeting chaired by His Excellence Paul Kagame.

Education Minister Dr. Vincent Biruta says that in order to increase quality of education there is need to improve the sector and especially the capacity of teachers.

“We will focus on increasing capacity of teachers, facilitate teachers to get loans so they have other sources of income and activities to increase motivation but also increase salary based on merit”

The leaders meeting also resolved on putting in place a stable school feeding program especially the students attending the 12-year basic education- which will have to be done together with parents and government so as to start providing primary school students with meals at school.

The meeting also agreed on fasttracking the issues of students who still study under poor conditions due to lack of seats. Rwanda has over the years managed to have all students study under sheltered building.

This will also see the improvement of the 12 year basic education (12YBE ) in particular, with leaders having to lay a five year strategic plan, the current performance and way forward at each of the administrative levels.

The leaders also resolved on encouraging and promoting the private sector to invest in the education sector, as a way of developing and improving the standards of education.

In a related development, the Rwanda Education Board (REB) on march 11, 2014 awarded laptops and internet modems to more than 80 outstanding teachers across the 30 districts of the country for their hard work and contribution in the development of Rwanda.

State Minister Mathias Harebamungu said that it’s an opportunity to recognize their efforts and that such initiatives and incentives will be done annually as a way of motivating and improving the performance of teachers.

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